ALFA Project
Project : Projet ALFA
Finance by : Transaid
Start of intervention : November 2017
End of intervention : November 2018

The volume of traffic in the capital is constantly increasing, especially vehicles and motorcycles. Moreover, the current infrastructure cannot absorb this increase and this has impacts on traffic mainly, the monster traffic jams that are encountered everywhere in the city. Also as an impact, the parking of cars on the sidewalks forcing pedestrians to use the roadway. In addition, there is the inexistence or inadequacy of infrastructure and devices that can help pedestrians with their traffic: zebra crossings, road signs ... Not to mention the motorcycles that use the sidewalks to get out of traffic jams.

Faced with this situation, the NGO Lalana has decided to continue its road safety awareness activities through the development and implementation of the ALFA Project (Aro Loza @ Fifamoivoizana An-tsekoly), a road safety education and awareness project. This project was developed especially for young schoolchildren in public elementary school to help them on their way to school.

Objective: The objective of the project is to contribute to the reduction of traffic accidents that may affect young schoolchildren during their trips to school. The project started in November 2017 and will end in August 2018. Six Public Primary Schools (PPS) will directly benefit from the project activities. The NGO Lalana is working in collaboration with the Office of Mass Education and Civics (OEMC) in carrying out some of the activities such as: conducting the teacher training workshop on conducting sensitization sessions in schools, designing the booklet used as a manual for conducting sensitization sessions, and conducting sensitization sessions in the beneficiary schools.

The activities carried out are as follows

Strengthening the capacity of the NGO Lalana's team. In order to carry out the activities to be undertaken, the NGO Lalana has strengthened the capacity of its team through a training conducted in Dar-es-Salam-Tanzania by Amend, an NGO expert in road safety and partner of Lalana in the implementation of the Action.

Teacher training workshop. Preceded by the elaboration of the modules of the training support booklet, the teacher training workshop took place on April 11th at the EPP Manakambahiny. Principals and teachers of the target classes from the six beneficiary schools were present. About thirty participants were trained on how to conduct the sensitization of students on road safety and agreed on the improvement of the contents of the sensitization manual. The workshop was conducted by the NGO Lalana team and the OEMC team.

Realization of sensitization at the school level. The sensitization sessions started after the teacher training workshop. The classes concerned are the 9th and 8th grades. A total of 764 students were sensitized. Each sensitization session has a practical and a theoretical part, carried out in a simple, fun and easy to remember way for the children. In addition, some materials have been designed specifically to simulate real situations in order to facilitate the understanding of the messages to be conveyed through illustrations.

Broadcasting of the awareness spot. To reinforce and broaden the scope of sensitization to the population of the capital city, an audio spot was developed during the month of June. The spot summarizes the key messages of the sensitization conducted at the school level. The broadcast of the spot started at the beginning of July and will end around mid-September.

Organization and implementation of road safety visibility work. Among the project activities is the implementation of some infrastructure to ensure better visibility of schools and to help schoolchildren to cross the street. This involves the installation of "place frequented by children" signs and zebra crossings according to the needs of each of the beneficiary schools. A total of 13 road signs and 8 zebra crossings were installed at the 6 beneficiary schools according to their needs.