Repair of cyclone damage on rural roads and the port of Manakara
Project : Projet ReCAP
Finance by : USAID
Start of intervention : January 2001
End of intervention : December 2003

The ReCAP Project was funded by USAID to repair cyclone damage to transport infrastructure for the marketing of agricultural products around the forest corridors between Ranomafana and Andringitra parks (Fianarantsoa province) and between Andasibe and Zahamena parks (Toamasina province). In particular, farmers living in forested areas will need to be able to earn enough income to encourage them to abandon slash-and-burn farming techniques and thus reduce forest pressure and degradation.

The ReCAP project has rehabilitated 233 km of rural roads (Ikongo, Ifanadiana, Manakara and Ambatondrazaka) as well as the Port of Manakara. The project helped the establishment of independent local structures, the Trail Users Associations (TUA), to manage and maintain the rehabilitated roads. Training was given to local associations and authorities to enable them to assume this responsibility. In particular, the AUPs must be able to raise the necessary funds for maintenance through tolls, a contribution from the owners and through the Road Maintenance Fund.

Recognition of Road Owners

In order to be able to carry out the work, the Project has complied with the provisions of the new road legislation. Contracts of delegated project management were established with the Project Owners designated by the Road Charter, namely, with the Ministry of Public Works for the RNT 14 and with the Autonomous Province of Fianarantsoa for the provincial roads.

Respect for the environment

For each of its works, the Project carried out environmental studies, in the form of an "Investigation Form" or Environmental Screening Form (ESF). These ESFs are subject to USAID procedures and Malagasy regulations stipulated in the MECIE decree. The Project has given an important place to the biological protection of structures and embankments.

Ensuring maintenance

The ReCAP Project, like the former CAP Project on which it was largely based, is keen to ensure the sustainability of investments. At the end of 2001, the Project assisted in the establishment of 13 Associations of Trail Users (AUPs) to manage and maintain the road. A process to set up the system of direct collection of funds for maintenance is under way with the Ministry of Public Works.

Results Achieved

  • 233 km of rural roads rehabilitated, including 93 km of temporary national road ;
  • 35 AUPs and 4 AUP Unions set up to manage and maintain the rehabilitated infrastructure;
  • Rehabilitation of the Port of Manakara: 3 warehouses and 98 m of quay;
  • Execution of maintenance works by AUP roadmenders and/or community works;
  • Collaboration between the UAUP of Ifanadiana - Ikongo and the Provincial Directorate of Public Works of Fianarantsoa;
  • Requests for financing for maintenance submitted to the RMF for all the communes concerned.