Elaboration of the Municipal Transport Plan in the District of Anjozorobe
Project : Projet PCT
Finance by : Union Européenne
Start of intervention : March 2017
End of intervention : February 2020

Establishment and implementation of the Communal Transport Plan in 14 Rural Communes of the District of Anjozorobe, Analamanga Region. Activities to be carried out during the project with local authorities and populations :

  • Elaboration and establishment of road registers in 9 Communes.
  • Establishment of local consultation structures for the elaboration of the communal road policy in 9 Communes.
  • Elaboration of the five-year plan of maintenance works in 9 Communes.
  • Training of local authorities in public contracting in 9 Communes.
  • Training of local road workers at the level of each Fokontany in 9 Communes.
  • Implementation of the Communal Transport Plan in the 14 Communes.
  • Raising awareness on road safety.
  • Raising awareness in the 14 Communes to improve communal revenues...