Project : Projet PHBM
Finance by : FIDA
Start of intervention : July 2003
End of intervention : September 2002

The Mayors of the communes crossed by the road, the economic operators, the gendarmerie and the existing forces in the region have joined together in an association called AGRIP to manage the roads of provincial interest in the project areas. It coordinates the activities of the other stakeholders, namely the Trail Users Associations, the community work through the "asam-pokonolona", the local population and the Project agents.

Lalana has developed a Rural Road Management and Maintenance Manual for User Associations and maintenance managers of the Provincial or Communal Roads rehabilitated during Phases 1 and 2 of the Project.

Region concerned

Province of Toliary: 6 rural communes in the fivondronana of Amboasary South and Ambovombe