School of citizenship
Project : Projet Haiko ny fireneko
Finance by : Union Européenne
Start of intervention : January 2011
End of intervention : September 2012

Population and governors of rural communities: Acting together as actors of development

For responsible citizens and accountable leaders. This is the objective of the Citizenship School project executed by the NGO Lalana and financed by the European Union for a period of 2 years.

Nine rural communes in 3 Districts of the Analamanga Region will benefit from the actions of this project. They will meet the following criteria: motivation of local leaders for the desired changes and dynamism of the local population. The selection will take place in March 2011.

The project's objective is to promote citizen engagement and accountability of leaders through the establishment of a permanent dialogue between administrators and citizens. Initially, it will make the beneficiaries, whether they are ordinary citizens or local officials, aware of their respective rights and duties in the management of their Commune. The knowledge acquired will then be put into practice for the benefit of the entire community, through community micro-projects in which close and effective collaboration is established between the governors and the governed. A process of permanent dialogue is established between them and the project will ensure that this process is established in a democratic manner: without exclusion.

The project will particularly target local authorities and representatives of all socio-economic and gender categories of the population in the intervention area.

Challenged by the repetitive political crises, the NGO Lalana has noted a lack of citizen participation, which has led to a low level of accountability of the leaders, in relation to their commitment. Lalana then chose to initiate this project whose scaling up of good practices could lead to the effective inclusion of all citizens in the life of the nation and the adoption of more responsible behavior by leaders.